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The importance of collaboration in service to our clients

At INOESS, we embrace partnerships because of their ability to conveniently provide clients with a specialized menu of services that either augment the services we already provide or reach outside our area of expertise to put a team together than can accommodate specific requests for services.

Nothing is developed individually. We believe collaboration among firms provides the most complete and professional services to our clients for the best outcome. Collaboration is defined as: “to work, one with another” but we know there is more to it than that. Effective collaboration requires cooperation, patience, teamwork, and informationsharing with defined responsibilities and a systematic process for achieving goals. It’s with this mindset that we go in to each teaming experience, whether it be a new or existing partnership

We regularly work with all contractors and sub-consultants of varying type and size. It is our goal that by engaging in partnerships with firms that are diverse in service and experience, unique in organization and project management styles, and individual in their understanding of the practice and the industry we will bring our clients the best in all-embracing solutions.


Elektronik Lub is one of the Pioneers of Maritime Communications and Navigation Segment in India since 30years. With his own R&D center, Elektronik lab can develop new technology products easily

Texpert teknoloji is a leading company focus on communication solutions and can offer complete turn-key software and hardware solutions, mainly focusing on the maritime and aero industry.
INOESS with the support of his partners will develop new products for MENA and Turkish market.

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