You can examine the INOESS business sector in detail

You can examine the INOESS business sector in detail

You can examine the INOESS business sector in detail

You can examine the INOESS business sector in detail

You can examine the INOESS business sector in detail

Our Scope

INOESS offers 4 areas of service with several levels of investment depending on the client’s needs. We work directly with the client on-site or at our own offices.

Technical Assistance

INOESS supports the projects of the biggest industrial companies. Our engineers and technicians compliment the internal resources of our clients so that their projects are completed more quickly and efficiently. INOESS is committed to its clients to give them everything they need to achieve their objectives. The benefit of our method is our flexibility. We are able to adapt ourselves and our services to meet the needs of our clients.

Global technical assistance

As soon as possible INOESS suggests :

  • The implementation of performance indicators
  • Financial and administrative management

Service center

This service is especially relevant to R&D departments which use external competencies. The service center is managed and followed by INOESS’s technical division and requires a team of 4 to 5 consultants. The process involves three steps:

Our clients give us specifications regarding the studies to be made. INOESS analyzes the requirements and makes a catalog of the tasks to be carried out and the corresponding timeline. Our consultants immerse themselves in the environment and objectives of our clients.

This list of tasks is then tested and adjusted according to the feedback received, always after client approval. Thus, we are able to evaluate the requested studies in a transparent and efficient way


The service center starts its work on a specific and contractual date, with a commitment to results. Our clients can count on us for perfect transparency throughout the process. For us, this is the key to the success of our activity.

  • When our clients give us specifications, INOESS’s commitments include the results, deadlines and costs
  • INOESS has a quality system which decides the steps to follow: BID/NO BID, GO/NO GO, etc. INOESS’s technical division controls the risks which were previously identified and calculated.
  • Consequently, INOESS offers its services with an attention to detail that honors our commitments and satisfies our clients.


  • Instrumentation

  • Electronics

  • HV/LV electricity

  • Mechanics

  • Safety engineering

  • Process

  • Purchasing

  • Quality

  • Technical inspection

  • Expediting

  • Logistics

  • Tests & trials

  • Validation

  • General installation

  • On-site supervision

  • Production Management

  • Production

  • Risk management

  • Planning

  • Cost control

  • Valuation

  • Calculation

  • Document management

  • Claim management